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You're Not a God Anymore

You're not a god anymore
I traced back your roots
and found you had none
I placed you on a pedestal
and now I am done

There was a time when
you could do no wrong
I craved your attention
like wool I was spun

When I've thought-up-a-way-to-get-out
that will have been the hardest part
Uplifted, sifted-out, the bad parts
The rest is kept, reconstituted in starts

Part and parcel
shipped away
away I go
to find myself say

(Mute numb and slightly sore
the-pit-in-my-stomach relays-to-my-brain) that
you are not a god anymore


The clouds create cover, darken the mountain-rock faces a royal blue
Ethereal governance-sans gavel set
Regal are the clouds, that quietly abide by climatic rule
Judgement reigns down, and we all get wet


I feel close to you
Dry, barren, southwestern earth
Pockmarked mesquite earth

The creosote city cries for precipitation, heavenly rain,
To moisten the unquenchable sword-tongues of the yucca

Sun-bleached and tired, but not dead
Far from gone, but far away and foreign


When it comes to me, it comes
When it goes, no one knows, and still I sit and write
While in the throes
Bravely, and calmly, I let it flow
Onto the paper, the seed is sown


Kudzu climbs and invades
Like stress and sleeplessness
Invasive and pervasive
You have to launch an attack to defend yourself

Natural, yet not native, I need the remedy to soothe it
Waxy and bold, like the moon
Waning at my waxing
I hope, before my own exposition and wake,
It abates

Bicycle Riding in Winter

I get on my bike, and
confront it head on
Punch it in the face, and
say get on--Keep on being
the winter you are
I don't mind
I've a bike not a car


Crying and rhyming
It's so much better
Than drinking and driving

Renter’s Clause

Rooms and shares
fits and starts
Either way you look at it
we're falling apart

Pieces of me are unraveling
I can't get me back from the clawing
The nails are out, we're falling apart
It's rooms and shares, I've had it I'm out!

Melt Melt

Melt, melt into the snow
Into the white I wish to go

Far, far, away from you
Vaporized in the sun
Into the blue

Cobalt, cobalt, my favorite hue
Without which, symptoms like flu

White and anemic
Yet, not airy or free
Frozen and stuck
Removed for a fee